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Let Every Soul save a Soul, Then Every Soul will be Saved

Greater Grace Trinity Baptist Church where our motto is “Let Every Soul, save a Soul, Then, Every Soul will be Saved.” Through the power of the Holy Spirit we are trying to reach all people with the gospel of Jesus Christ. We will cut across the grains of traditions and meet mankind at the crossroads of life with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Let us make a new commitment to going deeper in the Lord. We look forward with great anticipation of what the Lord is going to do for this church.

God is opening doors for this church to serve Him in many ways. When the Building at 4906 Elysian could no longer meet our needs, God allow us to relocate to our present location @ 5709 Fulton.  We moved here on the first Sunday February 2, 2020. We are looking forward to all the Blessing God has for us hear at this location.

History of Greater Grace trinity Baptist Church

In the year of our Lord 1997 God put on the heart of Rev Melvin Hall to start a Church.  At that time Rev. Hall was doing ministry within the community and was housed in the commercial center located at 2823 Collingsworth Street.  Pastor Hall consulted with Union Baptist Association and E.J. Simon Baptist Church was born.
During the pastorage of Rev Hall the church moved forward and set up an outreach ministry to the community providing food and clothing for the needy. Rev. Hall serve as pastor for eight (8) years until his health began to fail.  God called pastor Hall home in 2005 and the church went in prayer for a new pastor.

After a time of prayer God sent Rev. Thomas Frank to lead this congregation.  Under Pastor Frank the church grew and expanded its facility.  A fellowship space was added by acquiring the unit next door to the church.  With the new space pastor Frank expanded the ministry to include a food pantry, a summer feeding program for the children, and a Christmas toy distribution ministry in the community.  The name of the church was changed from E.J. Simon to Grace Trinity Baptist Church after it was in existence nine (9) years.  Additional expansion continued when pastor Frank secured the unit next door to the fellowship hall.  Pastor Frank’s vision was to start a child care ministry in the new facility called “Forget Me Not” Youth Ministry.  However, before this ministry could begin, his health began to fail. With continued declining health, Pastor Frank asked Rev. Roy E. Madison to come and assist him with the ministry.   Pastor Frank told Rev. Madison God had shown him that he would be the one to lead this church to the next level if his health continued to fail or if He called him home.  Rev. Madison continued in this capacity for one year, during this time, Pastor Frank’s health improved, and Rev. Madison returned to his duties at his home church.  In May 2013, God called Pastor Frank home.  Pastor Frank served Grace Trinity Baptist Church for 8 years.  Much was accomplished under the leadership of pastor Thomas Frank. The men of the church ask Rev. Madison to serve as interim pastor during the 90 days of mourning after Pastor Franks passing. After the period of mourning the church called Rev. Roy E. Madison as the next pastor.

Rev. Roy E, Madison was installed as the third pastor of the church on the third Sunday, August 18, 2013.  Under the leadership of Pastor Madison, the ministry began to expand.  The churches charter was revolt because of some legal issues.  New papers were filed with the state and the name of the church was changed from Grace Trinity Baptist Church to Greater Grace Trinity Baptist Church in 2016.From 2013-2018, 41 persons united with Greater Grace Trinity, 33 through Christian experience and 8 by baptism. The Lord gave our pastor the vision to become more community oriented and as a result, our pastor began to develop the evangelism ministry of the church.  He developed a number of evangelism activities which was hosted by the church:In 2013, Grace Trinity hosted a block party on the grounds of Collingsworth of 59 apartments.  The new leadership of the church was introduced to the residences of the complex.In 2014 & 2015, Grace Trinity supplied Betsy Ross Elementary School and the neighborhood children with over 200 backpacks filled with school supplies.Every May, in celebration of Women and Motherhood, the women ministry hosted a prayer breakfast in the Collingsworth of 59 apartments. This event continued until 2016.During the Thanksgiving holiday, the church provided thanksgiving baskets for over 100 families. An evangelism outing at the Conner of Jensen and Sumpter street where pastor preached the word and we provide sack lunches to 100 people on the street. About 20 people ask Christ to forgive them of their sins. Once a month the ladies ministries hosted New Haven Blessed Breakfast at 2424 Sakowitz Street. We provided physical food as well as spiritual food to the residents. The program was recently cancelled by Star of Hope.In 2017, the building where we were located was sold and the church had to find a new place to worship.

God led our pastor to our present location, 4906 Elysian St. We had our first service in this location on the first Sunday of November 2017. The church continued our evangelism ministry in the new community. We hosted a community block party as a way of introducing the church to the community and the community to the church. We were blessed to have the City Council member for district H Mrs. Karla Cisneros attended and introduce herself to the church. The Lord then gave our pastor the idea of a food distribution ministry for the North Side Community.  On the third Wednesday in April 2018 the church hosted the first food ministry event on our campus.

Today one year later we serve an average of 200 families every month. We have out grown the space on our campus, so the food ministry was relocated to the campus of St. Patrick’s church. Twice a month, our Pastor leads a prayer ministry at Looscan Elementary School, and once a week, Sis. Madison participates in the Houston Read Program-helping second grade children learn to read.God is continuing to bless us through all the ups and downs we have had over the years.

God is opening doors for this church to serve Him in many ways. When the Building at 4906 Elysian could no longer meet our needs, God allow us to relocate to our present location @ 5709 Fulton.  We moved here on the first Sunday February 2, 2020. We are looking forward to all the Blessing God has for us hear at this location.

GGTBC’s Ministry Vision Plan

The church’s ministerial program is twofold concept of Discipleship and Evangelism.

Discipleship is the eternal equipping arm of the church that teaches people the word of God. Equipping the people to realize their God given gift for service in the kingdom.

Evangelism is the work done primarily outside the walls of the church. It takes the gospel to the people who are not members of a local church. The goal of the evangelism activities is to reach out to the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ in expectation of leading them to make a decision to accept Christ as their Savior.

Sunday School

  • To achieve full participation of the membership:
  • Train teachers to take classes as we grow.
  • Have three classes in place by our Church Anniversary. Women, men, and a youth class.

Youth Ministry (CTU – Church Training Union)

  • Develop a Youth Ministry that prepare young people to be the best they can be.
  • We will teach young people to love God and respect adults. Youth will be taught the Word of God.
  • The youth ministry will also provide fun activities through field trips, games, and etc.

Bible Study

  •  Mid-week Bible Study is designed to bring the church together doing the week to study the Word of God.
  • Books of the Bible are taught in its entirety. We teach every book, chapter, verse, and Word of the books of the Bible.
  • Members will be assigned topics to report on as a part of the lesson.
    The goal of these activities is to train our members to do research and make presentations in the church.

Food Distribution Ministry
Through a partnership with the Houston Food Bank we established a monthly food distribution ministry. People from all over the community come to our food ministry
The food ministry outgrew our ability to host it on our church campus. God opened a door for us at St. Patrick’s Catholic Church. We now host the food distribution event on the campus of St. Patrick’s Church. We are providing food for 160 – 200 families every month.

Phone follow-up Evangelist Prayer Ministry
Since God has blessed us with the list of names and phone number’s we will start a phone follow-up prayer ministry. Members who cannot get out to do evangelism in the streets can work with the phone follow-up prayer ministry. We will train persons on evangelism praying and leading people to the Lord over the phone.

School Prayer Ministry
This is a ministry of prayer inside the building of Looscan Elementary School. This is the neighborhood school where the local children attend. I have been asked to come in and offer prayer for anyone in need of encouragement. This ministry is primarily for the faculty and staff members who are under a lot of stress trying to do their jobs. I listen to their stories and offer encouragement and prayer. Our prayer is that God will send the help we need to staff this ministry without me having to do it all the time.

School Read Ministry
Schools all over this state are facing a real problem with children knowing how to read. Statics indicate that the children in our schools are two grade levels behind in their ability to read. Churches are being asked to partner with the schools to help the children develop a love for reading. Greater Grace Trinity Church is partnering with Looscan Elementary through the Loving Houston Program. Sister Madison is leading this work for our church and goes over once a week and read to two first grade children. The need is so great others need to get involved. We are praying that God will send the people with a heart for this work.

Community Outreach Ministry
Monthly Prayer breakfast on the corner of Collingsworth and Elysian St. On the third Saturday of the month the church setup a tent and cook a hot breakfast for the people on the street. While breakfast is cooking, we preach the word of God and witness to the people. Our goal is to lead at lease person to accept Christ as their savior.

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Our Pastor

Pastor Roy E. Madison has been the pastor of GGTBC since August of 2013.

Working in the community

Greater Grace is dedicated to working in the community to share the love of Christ  through basic services like our Food Bank, services for pregnant teens and more.









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